Specialized Car Storage in Lorton, VA

We want to be your go to place in VA, MD and DC for storage of your automobile while you are away.

the only specialized Car storage in the DC, Md, VA area

Inside a car storage facility in Lorton, VA

We want to take care of your car when you don't have the space

I specialize in secure automobile storage and the handling of exotic and high value automobiles.

You don't have to own a ferrari to store your car here

I haved owned many muscle cars as well as super cars.  I store my current collection in the same facility that I will store and maintain your car in.  


Your care will be safe

Automobile Storage at park it with bill* means I will maintain your car and perform approved minor repairs in order to keep your  vehicle in its best possible operating condition.

My Cars

2005 Ford GT

Bought new in 2005

1966 Chevy II at the body shop

Its all about the details

1995 Corvette

17,000 orginal miles

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Park It With Bill

Lorton, VA


We will make sure your car comes back to you in the same or better condition than it was in on the day you dropped it off.