Quick Chocks (Pair of 2) - Lower Rail ONLY

Quick Chocks (Pair of 2) - Lower Rail ONLY

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The Quick Chock lower rail system adapts to your existing upper Pads in less than 5 minutes with standard hand tools. 

❌ No cutting

❌ No drilling

❌ No other modifications required. 


Why buy?

Save time - Most chocks are a hassle to remove. So much so that you probably rarely do it! Quick chocks is solves this problem altogether, in a 20-second process that will make you say "why didn't I think of that!"

🙌 Get more space - Your jet ski platform just became a dual swim platform too. Our customers LOVE the versatility that comes from our product. And the extra space is worth the price of admission alone!

Hassle free - Removing normal chocks is hardly a one person effort, usually taking a couple of tiresome tries before they finally come off. Quick Chocks is a completely different experience, making what should have always been a hassle free process a "better late than never" reality.

Get your pair of Quick Chocks today!